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The Canadian Prophetic Council has released many words over the seasons. This page serves as an archive for many of those words (organized by year).


Literal translation from spoken version:

As we have been worshiping, this thing that just keeps going around and around and around in my head, and there’s that saying that says, just let a sleeping dog lie but the Lord said I’m not like a sleeping dog, I’m the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. But this nation has said, has treated the Lion like a dog and has kept him asleep but God said I’m on the verge of shaking this nation at the highest level.

I am going to cause an uncovering, a controversy to occur at the highest level that literally causes such unrest and such… um… it’s disengaging the status quo that I declare that the status quo is going to be disengaged in this nation, for I am going to create something that will not be great with the Prime Minister and it is about ready to hit the news and the Lord said it will shake this nation to its core, for I will have this nation and I am the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and I have said that this nation is for the healing of the nations and God said My word will stand.
It is time to stand in his word and shout with a shout of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah for even the ground will shake – that there will be shaking in the ground and there will even be an earthquake of a magnitude that has never occurred before for I will possess this nation for my own.

On this morning I woke up with an unusual level of glory hovering and a dream about North Battleford and First Nations women in Canada.

In the dream many of us were gathered at a “pre-North Battleford” event in North Battleford.  It was in a large facility (not a church), looked like a large barn or community centre facility.   There was a very tall and large stage, modern style.  No banners. Just stage.

Dean Briggs was up first to take up an offering.  I knew I had a word and so after Dean shared I approached him and gingerly asked if I could share it.

He said, “Sure, we still have time. The time allotment for the offering was 20 minutes (we had until 7:20).”  

I stepped near the front of the platform and had a strong sense that I needed to call them to sow into the offering as a Canadian.  I was speaking to them as Canadians, from a Canadian.  It felt like that was important.

In an instant there were about a dozen people around me on stage.  It felt like many of them were women and First Nations.

I also noticed a mature intercessor with a heart for Israel in the front row. She had just settled in and was eagerly, intently listening.  (To me she represented seasoned prophetic/intercessors for Canada – those who discern the times and know what Israel ought to do. She was listening.)

All of a sudden I was interrupted by a dignified First Nations woman.  

She was a Canadian First Nations woman with history in standing for Canada.  Just like I had approached Dean both gingerly, but confidently knowing I had something to share. This woman had the same posture. Both humble, but confident in what she needed to do.

I turned and faced her facing sideways on the stage (my left side to the people, her right). There were also some others standing with her.  It felt like they were woman.

She had a lot of oil in her hands. She took the oil and confidently threw it onto my hands.  I flew forward towards her.  It was a bit odd to me because  normally when the anointing hits you like that, you are propelled backwards. This was the first time I had ever been propelled forward in a moment like this. It felt a significant detail.

I then gathered myself together and stood back up to finish, aware that time was ticking in the allotted time for offering and unsure if I was going to be able to deliver in time because the anointing was so strong.

Right before I began to share, one of the First Nations women came and gave me some broken rail road tracks. They were rail road tracks from a toy rail road.  They had somehow been trampled during the anointing time but she felt she needed to put them back in my hand in the broken pieces they were in. I let her place them in my hand.

I then began to try start sharing with the people again.

noticed there was now an open mic on the floor where the people were sitting and it was clear the a leader from a house of prayer in Thunder Bay had something brewing in his heart to share.

I began to share about how the Canada we had 5 years ago is not the Canada we have today. I was beginning to lay the groundwork for why we needed to sow into this time and fight for Canada.

In real life my son woke me up at that moment so the dream ended.

A few things hit me in the dream:

*Making room for divine interruptions.

*Watching for the voice of the Lord being released through un-scheduled vessels.

*The importance of Canadians speaking to Canadians

*The strong significance and anointing on the First Nations women.  It was riveting.  There is something very strong – perhaps the strongest – that God wants to release through the First Nations women for this hour.  I believe it is directly related the the level of assault and crushing they have endured specifically and the level of dignity that God wants to restore to them and through them. The anointing level on the woman who prayed for me was massive.  I submit this, but I feel strongly that God has a high assignment for the voice of First Nations woman right now.  

*The broken tracks are significant. I feel like this has to do with John A Macdonald’s railway and the injustices to the First People around that. When the anointing from the First Nations woman hit me in the dream, I was propelled forward and these tracks were crushed.  Even though it was not the focus of the prayer/impartation time, it was the result.  Maybe there is something in this that God wants to deal with, by His anointing, regarding the history with the building of the railway across Canada. The anointing will break the yoke of the historical injustices. 


I also wonder if the reason they were toy/plastic tracks is that the Lord wants to encourage us that the historical pain is not going to be as hard to break through as we might think. The anointing will snap things easily when these First Nations women of dignity take their place and release what needs to be released.
After the impartation, the First Nations woman put the broken tracks in my hand.  I believe this was so that we would “remember” and carry a brokenness in our hearts (humility) going forward as a nation.  A posture to “remember” so that we don’t do these things again as a nation – on any level.

January 5th, 2018 – Invitation to The Table – Dream – Kirk Smith

In this dream I came to the front door of a large home. It was my bestman from my wedding in the natural. I sensed he represented the Friend of the Bridegroom.

He invited me in and as we started to walk through the house, he started to show me the obvious. The house had been neglected. It was in a dilapidated state. I knew that the house was the Canadian prophetic and prayer movement.

In the midst of him showing this to me the Spirit of prophecy fell on me and I said “ But it doesn’t have to stay this way.” I could feel the authority of the Lord as I spoke. The words came forth from my mouth with faith, hope and love.

We then continued to walk around the house into a different area. Suddenly, from my right, a wall open to the house and angels came in with a table. I was awed by the presence of glory that rested on it – and its beauty. I said, “What kind of wood is this?” I heard a voice say, “It’s pure Canadian. It’s redwood.”

The table was hand carved out of of one thick piece of redwood. It also had precious golden leaves perfectly inlaid in it. I have never seen anything like it.

I said, “Whose table is this?” I began to turn to the right and at the same time a voice of authority hit me in the chest and pushed me back declaring, “It is here because you ordered it!”

I was left with the deep impact of the voice continuing to reverberate through me. I wondered, “How did I order this? What did I have to do with this?”

I then looked and saw that the voice came from an elderly man who I knew to be the Heavenly Father!  He was standing beside the front of the train near the engine and first couple of cars. These were connected to the train on the tracks in which the table had been loaded off by the angels. The angels began bringing chairs that were in the likeness of the table.

I noticed that the car that the chairs came off of had a door that was made of lattices. Immediately I thought of Song of Songs 2:9. The heart of the invitation was from the Bridegroom to the Canadian prophetic forerunner church/prayer movement.

My heart was deeply pierced. I felt the depths of the Bridegroom’s heart and the sense that He has been preparing this table with such deep love from throughout eternity. I was made to understand that He invested everything into this table as an invitation to the bride in Canada. At the same time, I could feel the vulnerability of His heart. There was a question, “Would she value? Would she treasure? Would she love the table as He does? Would she respond to His invitation and come to the table?”

I knew that the chairs were for leaders in Canada come to His table together. They were the first ones being called.

I could feel the waiting in His heart, “How will She, His bride respond?


Humility, humility, humility. In another dream the Lord spoke to me that humility is the Kingdom key that will get us to the table. He is healing us as a nation so that we can bring healing to many nations.

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