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The Canadian Prophetic Council was started by Stacey Campbell in 2001.

Under her leadership, leaders from across the nation gathered, often multiple times a year, to seek the Lord together and share what they were receiving from Him.  These words were often compiled and released to the Body of Christ.  At times they were released on national platforms, at conferences or at gatherings.

The leaders who gathered spanned the nation, generations and various denominations. They had one thing in common: a value for the function of New Testament prophecy and a desire to see the nation of Canada enriched by it.

Around 2017, Stacey Campbell shifted into more of an international focus, and since then, In recent years, she and her husband, Wesley have been expressing Canada's call to bring healing to the nations through their international work.

From 2017 to 2019, the CPC remained relatively inactive, though members of the group stayed relationally connected--walking together through various national gatherings and expressions.

Sensing the Lord's heart to strengthen the prophetic in Canada, the remaining members of the CPC gathered together again in 2019 in Charlottetown, PEI.  When COVID-19 hit the nation of Canada, the team continued to meet online.  During this time, several prophetic releases were posted through the group.

Currently, the Canadian Prophetic Council is in a restructuring phase.  A new leadership core is being formed, those hosting regional prophetic companies are intentionally connecting to hear the word of the Lord together.

To stay connected with the CPC going forward, please sign up for the email list here.

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