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The Canadian Prophetic Council has released many words over the seasons. This page serves as an archive for many of those words (organized by year).


Kelowna, BC

“There is getting ready to be a swirl of the anointing in British Columbia.  The swirl of the anointing is going to move from British Columbia across Canada and impact the entire nation of Canada and then it is going to sweep down through the United States of America, through Mexico, through Central and South America.

But it is going to originate, and this is based on earlier words that have come out of the 1980’s that began at meetings with an opening prayer by latinos and I don’t think they even knew where Canada was at the time.  They were just being guided by the Holy Spirit.  And the Lord told us this year that we were entering into a season where we begin to recognize that God does not forget the prophetic words words that He has spoke over places.  

He does not forget the prophetic words He has spoken over you as individuals and He does not forget the prophetic words He has spoken over nations and continents.

God is getting ready to do something and you are a manifestation of that, so whether you realize it or not there is  swirl of the Spirit that is already in this place.  But this time I believe that God wants to take that swirl and place it on you so that wherever you go that swirl of the Holy Spirit is there and it’s going to result in the manifestation of miracles, signs and wonders.”

Cindy Explained:  When Cindy Jacobs was at a meeting years ago at ORU they had asked a Latino woman to open in prayer.  They also asked a Latino woman to open in prayer at another meeting.  The women stood up and began to pray and weep and prophesy that there was a revival that was going to begin in Canada on the left side of the coast and it was going to sweep across Canada from the left to the right and it was going to begin to burn into the US and go down.

Now Cindy’s vision and Word:

As she was on the plane coming to this conference.  Cindy had a vision of the map of Canada.  British Columbia stood out and appeared to be on fire.

“In the Coming days British Columbia will be seen as the believer’s Citadel.  And the Lord says ” I am going to do a great and powerful work in this province.  A great reformation that will be a divine mix of both revival and reformation.  It will be glorious, It will b greater that any work of God ever before.

A greater move of God and the harvest will touch those in the media and the arts among others.”  Listen, God is coming to the media in Canada including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  God is going to answer the roots of the root.  I see and I don’t know the history of Canada.  I see the people who began in media here, there was a heart to spread the good news and the Lord is showing me that the Lord is going to bring such a revival.  There will be media revolutionaries that God is going to raise up that are going to be evangelists in the secular media.

God says “It’s time for evangelism to get out of the house and into the streets and into the network.”  And the Lord says “I am preparing a network revival of the greatest secular network.  In fact, it’s going to touch Rogers/Shaw and they are going to reverse positions they had on Christians.”  God is breaking into cable in remarkable ways.

There are going to be many many evangelists and this move will sweep from the left to the right.  There will be many stadiums filled with young worshippers who have been brought to the Lord through this move.  It’s time for stadium christianity.  But it will be non-traditional.  God is bringing a non-traditional sound that is a new wine sound that is like nothing that has ever been released before.

God says ” There are many who are pre-christians who are going to listen to this sound who will be singing it before they believe but as they sing they will believe.

I am going to shake up both the provincial government and the federal government and it will be a new wine (season/reason?) as for those who have been in charge of anti-biblical values will be shocked, as they are tossed out of office.”  

For the Lord says ” Do not let your hearts sorrow over the recent things you have seen come out of Ottawa.  I am preparing a conservative champion who is my man of peace for the nation.  There is an underground movement brewing and there will come a suddenly in the future.  Those who are pro-abortion and anti-Israel are thrown out of office in a surprising national development.”

The Lord says “I am going to shock those who thought they had Canada sown up for anti biblical values”.  But God says “I’m even going to come to school.  Bible clubs will be started in the public schools that will become models for reformation and a popularization of biblical values.”

God says “The founders of this nation had a vision for a righteous nation and righteousness will rule in this nation once again.”

The Lord says “This is conditional upon the church mobilizing the ecclesia to be a voice to get out to vote.  You must get out and work.  Politics is not a dirty word says the Lord, it is only a vehicle I can reveal my glory through.  For have I not said that Government will be upon my shoulders.

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