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The Canadian Prophetic Council has released many words over the seasons. This page serves as an archive for many of those words (organized by year).


The night of Jan 11, 2023, I saw in a dream an increased massive assault of accusation coming from satan to leaders, specifically leaders who really knew their true inheritance.

These leaders were ones who could see the future, knew what was ahead, and had a maturity about them. These leaders were well versed in what God is, and what He was doing. They had sharp discernment, and a mature depth to them. I would call them "quality spiritual leaders."

I saw that lies, accusations, and things that were not true would spread about these specific leaders, to discredit them, robbing them of what they knew was theirs to receive.

I saw that it would happen in terms of 3 types of accusations, one of them would be sexual, the others I did not see.

I heard the Lord say “Hold on during this time and don’t quit and it will be all exposed, that is of course, the truth. The lies, and false accusations would be exposed and redemption will take place for those that feel like they may have lost on God's promise and personal credibility.

To emphasize, I believe these attacks would come on leaders that have a tendency to lean more into the “cryptic” more supernatural mystery based elements of Christianity. I see the whole situation as the beginnings of "a type," of Jezebel and Naboth showdown. But the promise is that the Naboths will make it through, unlike what took place in 1 Kings 21.

Hold on, hold your tongue, guard your heart, and watch for the redemption of the Lord. You will get back what you thought you lost in the end.

Shawn Gabie

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