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The Canadian Prophetic Council has released many words over the seasons. This page serves as an archive for many of those words (organized by year).


January 29th, 2022 – Hope and Freedom Convoy

All eyes are on Ottawa right now as the Freedom Convoy 2022 has landed and demonstrations are currently underway.

Below are a few things that seasoned prophetic leaders in our midst have been sensing about this moment for Canada.


A consistent theme over the past year has been the call for leaders, and believers, to be administrators of HOPE in this season. One of the most powerful elements of the Freedom Convoy is the release of hope in the hearts of Canadians from sea to sea.


For many, they are finding a "new family of hope" in Canada, and this in itself has value and will break stagnation and depression off of many. Many will linger in Ottawa simply to be among others who are saturated in this spirit of hope.


Believers in Ottawa, and throughout Canada, will have great opportunity to share the love of Christ through conversation, praying for people personally and sharing the gospel in this window where people who normally do not rub shoulders with one another are doing so in camaraderie and vision for Canada.


The harvest is white in this movement and there is great opportunity for people to come to Christ through relational connection right now.



Many have felt a strong call in intercession to pray for a peaceful, non-violent, event.


Please stay vigilant in prayer on this point.



There is a strong sense that the Prime Minister's office will try and outlast the gathering with silence, using the approach that if you ignore a political event it will eventually be forgotten by the public.


For those who have attended and engaged in this event, it will forever mark their hearts for Canada and that fire will not go out.


For full impact, the convoy must stand strong in peace.


The Prime Minister's ultimate response, and the response of other leaders, may depend on how long the convoy stays and the lingering strength of it.


Depending on the Prime Minister's response, this historic moment will either lead to healing in our nation, or further rising from Canadians that will be expressed on many tiers.


These tiers will include social media platforms - celebrity voices will continue to speak out, responses through the business sectors and some political tiers. A poor political response at this time could also lead to strong empowerment of separation in Canada. In a positive sense, there will be a domino impact on some provincial policies because of the events of today.


The outcome could depend on the longevity of the gathering in Ottawa, and tributary movements that will organize out of this.



Many of our political leaders have not yet felt the penetration of the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom, in their hearts.


This is a major prayer point. Leaders who humble themselves before God in their hearts, and before Canadians, will be exalted in the days ahead.


There will be a difference between those who use this for political opportunity, and those who are genuinely humbling their hearts in a posture to learn wisdom from this moment. Heaven will see the difference. Those who walk in humility will be raised up by the people in time.



In the year of 2022, Revelation 22:2 is being manifested in this moment ("....the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nation..."). The international community is already watching Canada closely this weekend.


Canadians have a genuine opportunity to demonstrate the power of peaceful mass gathering to effect change. This has the potential to trigger peaceful civic movements in other nations.



To the church, there is a call to see beyond the billowing cloud of the headlines today focused on vaccine mandates. This is truly a moment where the issue is not the issue.


Scripture tells us that there are 4 main things that bring judgement on a nation:

▪           unjust bloodshed (i.e. abortion, residential schools, assisted suicide and missing and murdered women)

▪           idolatry

▪           sexual immorality

▪           broken covenants


As the church humbles themselves in repentance on these 4 key issues, it will continue to breath momentum into the freedom movement and a great shift could happen that would lead to awakening far beyond the COVID-19 issue and season.


Though freedom is the "tip of the iceberg issue", the deeper issue is the need for genuine repentance in the nation, led by the church. Breakthrough on this level, will lead to greater breakthrough in the nation for issues of freedom.


Much of the momentum that we are already seeing is because of the prayers and fasting of the church in these past 2 years and the cry that has come up to the heart of heaven.


This is not to endorse all the activities of those in the convoy, but to point out that the tipping point of shift for Canada is in repentance and the prayers of the saints.


A shift in the spirit will continue to lead to shifts in the natural.

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