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The Canadian Prophetic Council has released many words over the seasons. This page serves as an archive for many of those words (organized by year).


In the early morning hours of February 16, 2014 and February 19, 2014 I had two consecutive dreams.
In the dream of the morning of the 16th, I was taken many years into the future. I was sitting at a large table, which was surrounded by young leaders of the Body of Christ. They were all asking me, in my old age, for the stories of how the great awakening had started which had swept the earth.

These were all leaders in what was the greatest revival the world has ever seen. I was an older man, and looked at these young leaders with kindness and began to tell the story of how the global revival began.

“How did the revival start?” they asked me. “We ask because the world is on fire.” “It began with the burning ones,” I told this group. “Young men and women would gather together in burning rooms and they began to call out for the fire of God. Houses of prayer and worship were springing up all over the globe and they were known for their fire. They were known as burning rooms, full of burning ones, crying out day and night for the fire of God to sweep the planet.”

I told many stories of these furnaces of prayer and worship that I had visited all around the planet, in nation after nation. I told of group after group, many of whom nobody had ever heard about, but who had stayed in the place of day and night intercession for the fire of God. “There was one place in particular that really set off the unstoppable flood of revival in the nations,” I said. “It began in Vancouver with a young man named Alec Maynard. He called the hungry ones from across the lower mainland to worship and pray every Friday night from 7pm until 9pm. It didn’t seem like a long time to set aside to pray, but they were faithful with this time frame and never missed a Friday evening. Young men and women began to come from all around the region and they would catch the fire from this particular room and it quickly spread as hundreds and hundreds of burning ones would gather every Friday to burn and then take it with them wherever they went. It seemed as if this was the tipping point for the beginning of the awakening that swept the earth. It was hard to tell where it would go to or where it came from next because the fire spread so quickly. All of the burning rooms suddenly exploded with fire and with power. Those who had faithfully given themselves over to burn exploded with an intensity that this world had never seen before. Suddenly, the global revival was upon us. Young men and women would travel across the nations of the earth giving everything to set up these burning rooms and oh how they burned, through thick and thin, they burned. That is how it started. This is how the global fire began to fall.”

As I told the revival history to this group, I would take out old posters advertising the burning rooms, especially from the Vancouver area. The gathering of young leaders were fascinated by these posters, these pieces of revival history that someone had thought to save. They were the markers of history which we could look back on and say, “Remember when this prophetic word was spoken?” or “Remember when we prayed and this happened?”

I sat back and felt such love for these young leaders. I felt like a proud father. I was amazed at the hunger from these ones, and poured into them everything I could from my years of following the Lord and being able to witness the beginnings of the massive revival the world was in. I can remember in my dream the feeling of awe and wonder as I knew that my eyes were finally seeing the promise of what I am currently giving myself entirely over to — world wide revival.

The awakening had finally swept the globe. At this point I woke up. I was stunned and it took me a while to realize I was still in bed and I wasn’t an old man. I was very thankful for this glimpse into the future.

February 18th, as I went to bed, I was inquiring of the Lord about Canada and asked Him if there was anything I needed to be aware of in the nation. That night I received a dream. I was brought above a map of Canada and watched as pins began to fall in specific locations across the nation. As these pins fell I heard the voice of the Lord speak, “These are strategic locations which are being set up to burn with the fire of God. These are strategic burning rooms.

These burning rooms will help set off global awakening and national revival.” I was then brought close to the map and saw each pin drop specifically. The first area I was brought to was in the east section of Canada between two great lakes. In this first area I saw one pin fall and when it hit the map it turned into many. I knew this was Toronto and I heard “They will catch the fire. They will be full of burning rooms.” The second pin dropped in a place called Port Perry, Ontario. I didn’t hear anything in particular, but my dream was focused for a good amount of time on Port Perry and the importance of what was happening there. Another pin dropped in the far north. I didn’t see or hear a specific location, it was just in the far north. I was then quickly brought west across the map and saw Winnipeg, specifically a point very close to Winnipeg in its southeast corner. I heard “Fire will fall on Keith Miners and his network and all he has been labouring with to burn. They will burn. They will be burning ones.” I continued east and I saw Warman, Saskatchewan and this is where the final pin dropped.

There was a particular attention placed on Warman, Saskatchewan. I had to look on a map to see if Warman, SK actually existed. There was a strong emphasis on this location. As I looked at this red pin in my dream I knew that this city was key for the coming awakening of Canada and the world. I heard that it will be a place of the burning ones. It will be a furnace where the fire burns bright and the fire burns with incredible intensity.

I believe the name of Warman is very prophetic. Many prophetic voices have been speaking about another army being released and the weapons of their warfare are love. Bob Jones’ final prophetic word talked about the armoury of God and the Army of God being equipped with love and peace. I believe that Isaiah 42:13 is a key verse right now: “The Lord will march out like a champion, like a warrior He will stir up His zeal; with a shout He will raise the battle cry and will triumph over His enemies.” In many translations “warrior” in this verse is written as “Man of war” — war man.

The Lord is going to start stirring up His zeal in Warman, Saskatchewan and I believe that what happens from this location will be no small fire. I believe significant, global fire will fall in Warman, SK. I believe that in all of these specific locations which the Lord showed me that we are going to see a radical increase in prayer for revival. The fire will fall.

I believe that if we make ourselves available in the secret place of prayer and as we gather together corporately, wherever we are, to call out for the fire of God that the Burning One from heaven will be released to set fire to the saints assembled. I believe a global burn is about to sweep the nations of the earth. I believe we are on the cusp of the greatest awakening this world has ever seen and our directions are simple – Call out for the fire of God. Burn before Him.

Burn with worship, prayer, adoration. Burn with intercession. Burn with faith. Burn with prayer. The time is now to enter into the furnace rooms, the prayer rooms and call for the fire of God. Our War Man will triumph over His enemies… the enemies of sickness, death and sin. He will release the Triumph of our God as established for us in the all surpassing power and victory of the Cross. We will see heaven on earth.

When we turned from 2013 into 2014 I heard the Lord say clearly, “This is the year everything changes.” and I also heard, “Now is the time.” In my life personally this has been true. Since the first week of January 2014 I’ve been on a much more wild ride than usual with the Lord. I’ve been watching as what I have been longing for, praying for, crying out for is finally happening in meeting after meeting I find myself in. Everything is changing. For nearly ten years I’ve been having a series of prophetic encounters across the world all pointing to one thing – global awakening. I have never felt released to speak of these things on a public forum. But that is all changing. Now is the time. I finally feel the release to speak of this. I know what is coming. I’ve been seeing it in dreams, visions and physical visitations for years now. I know what is coming.

If there ever was a time to sow in prayer, the time is now. The burning rooms will only get stronger. The burning rooms will only become full of more fire. The burning ones will only increase. It’s time to pray.
As a nation, I believe it’s time to find our place between the porch and the altar again. It’s time to find the secret place and call for the fire of God. I would submit that we should come into a place of intercession for these specific locations I was shown in my dream. If they are to play a key role in the global awakening and in the national revival in Canada then I am jealous for this and I want to add my prayers to the longing of heaven and cry out for Warman, for the far north, for Winnipeg, for Toronto and for Port Perry to receive fire unlike this world has ever seen. If they are somehow a tipping point, then let me be the first one to cry out for revival to hit these locations, and then let me cry out for the fire of God to consume me!

As a side note, I did not know at the time I received these dreams, that in Warman, Saskatchewan, this May, a church called “Awakening” will be hosting a worship summit with Sean Feucht, director of the global Burn 24/7 movement. The Warman Awakening Church.

What a name…The fire of God is going to fall. The burning is about to be released. Let us meet before the altar of heaven and finally fill the bowls of intercession. Our War-Man is stirring His zeal. With a shout we will raise the battle cry. We will witness His triumph. We will see heaven on earth. The global awakening is upon us.
I feel a prophetic call to burn. I prophesy fire and holy burning to all who will receive it. Burn, my friends. Burn. Burn with fire from Heaven. Now is the time. Everything is about to change. The fire is not restricted to these locations I saw in my dream. They are key and strategic, but what is more important is our hearts and if they are on fire. May hundreds of thousands of burning rooms spring up across our great nation and the nations of the earth.

Burn, my beloved friends. Burn.

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